This week in class, the students have been learning a variety of subjects. In mathematics, they have been working on 2-digit and 3-digit division by 1-digit numbers and scaling by multiplication. This has involved learning how to divide larger numbers into smaller parts and how to scale up or down the size of these parts.

In English, the students have been putting their creative and language skills to use by performing a poem called "The Trees are on Parade." They have also been working on improving the poem to make it more descriptive, which has allowed them to develop their vocabulary and descriptive writing abilities.

In computing, the students have been learning how to create their own bookmarks and continuing their presentations. This has given them the opportunity to hone their computer skills, as well as their ability to organize and present information effectively.

In science, the students have been learning about the different types of magnetic force. They have been exploring the interactions between magnetic forces and various materials, which has helped to deepen their understanding of the physical world and how it operates.

This week’s Star of The Week goes to Raffi for his The trees are on Parade poem.