Blog 21.5.22


This week our story was another Julia Donaldson ‘Follow the Swallow’.  Chack the blackbird and Apollo the swallow are fledgling friends. Apollo explains that he is practising flying to Africa - but Chack doesn't believe him. Chack tells Apollo that the blossom on his favourite tree will eventually turn into orange berries - Apollo doesn't believe him. But, with the inevitable turning of the seasons, both birds learn to believe the other - and cement their friendship forever.


Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this book:


Writing – Write about who the swallow meets on his journey

Maths – Count how many berries are on the trees and write it down

Funky Fingers – Trace the outline of a swallow

Construction – Design and build a nest

Creative – Make a hanging swallow

Outside – Go on a bird hunt and tick the birds that you see


This week nearly every Nursery and Reception child did all their challenges and Gold Challenge.  Great job!



In our story this week the two birds look at the blossom on the trees.  We looked closely at some blossom in the classroom and used coloured pencils on black paper to record what we could see.


On Monday we got on the coach with the KS2 children again but this time we went to Sainsbury’s. Before we went we made a shopping list of things that we wanted to buy for our jubilee party next week.  Two of the Reception children made a list of what we would need and we all had fun finding the different foods.  We also used our phonics skills to read words and to look for the letters that we know in the packaging.  When we got back to school we tried to remember everything we had bought.


Our artist of the month is Piet Mondrian.  This week we used an app to draw a picture in the style of his art work ‘Composition’.  Piet Mondrian used straight black lines and blocks of prime colours.   We all used the special pancil todraw our pictures on the app.


The Nursery children have been learning about shapes this week had used water to paint circles, triangles, squares and rectangles outside.  We spoke about how many sides each shape needed and how many corners.



Next week we will be learning about the Queen’s Platinum jubilee and hearing stories about the Queen’s life and stories that have been written about the Queen.