17th November 2023

This week we began by planning our instruction writing.  We made some notes then turned these notes into set of instructions that someone could use if they wanted to capture the witch.  We tried hard to use a variety of different features of instruction writing including bullet points, pictures and imperative verbs.  The children did brilliantly and tried really hard.  Well done.

In maths we continued to practice our addition strategies.  Year 1s looked again at part whole models and used these to write some fact families.  They also investigated number bonds within 10 using multilink cubes.  The Year 2s were adding to the next ten. They were also using the deines resources to help them add a 2d number to a 1d, and exchanging if necessary.

In PE we were looking at ways to travel around the room.  After investigating a variety of different ways including running, jumping, sliding and hopping we linked these movements to the shapes we learned last week. We picked three different moves and linked them together to form a sequence. 

For DT this week we started our mechanisms unit.  We learned about the direction of movements and explored the mechanisms required to make these work.  We then made an example of a side-to-side slider and an up-and-down slider to see how they worked.

In computing we were learning about patterns in rhythm.  We created a pattern using two different coloured counters, then used two instruments to represent the colours.  We also took a first look at Chrome music lab and spent a while investigating the different programs. 

Christmas also arrived in Puffin class as we put the Christmas tree up and then talked about what Christmas means to them.  We talked about spending time with our friends and families, having Christmas food and getting presents on Christmas morning.  We then talked about what Christmas means to Christians to see how it was similar or different to ours. 

STAR OF THE WEEK this week was ARCHIE.  Mrs Threlfall was super impressed with his hard work in Big Maths.  This hard work has enabled Archie to achieve 10/10 6 weeks in a row.  What an achievement. 

Big Maths promotion this week goes to JESSIE – Well done!

Have a lovely weekend.