This week in our class, we have been working hard to prepare for our upcoming class worship. We have been practising our songs and lines, and everyone has been doing a great job. In addition, we have also been working on our writing skills by writing diary entries from Hogarth's perspective when he discovers the Iron Man in Chapter 2, The Return of The Iron Man. In Science, we have been studying how fossils are created. The class has been learning about the different types of fossils and how they form over time. They have been fascinated by the process and asked many great questions. In Design and Technology, we have been exploring micro bits. The children have been learning how to program and code these tiny devices. In French, we have been practising some critical phrases on Duolingo. The children have been working hard to improve their language skills. Lastly, in PE, we have been working on our football skills. The class has been practising dribbling, passing, and shooting.
We are very proud of how well the children performed in their worship, they worked very hard on it.