Blog 11.2.22

This week our story was Rapunzel.  Lots of us had seen the film but weren’t so familiar with the story in a book which was a bit different.  Mrs Cotton turned our role play area into Rapunzel’s tower this week!

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to the story:

Writing – Write about our favourite part of the story

Maths – Measure Rapunzel’s plaits

Funky Fingers – Have a go at plaiting some wool

Creative – Make grey paint and then print some bricks to make a tower

Construction – Design and build a tower for Rapunzel

Cooking – Make a bread plait


Yet again it was another fantastic week for getting challenges done.  Lots of children did all their Rainbow Challenges and their Gold Challenge.



This week we recreated ‘Castle and Sun’ by Paul Klee.  We looked at the colours and shapes that he had used.  We chose some colours and the used blocks to do some printing.



As part of our RE, Special Places, we learned about mosques which are special places for Muslims.  We found out that there were some things that were different in a mosque to Holy Trinity church such as taking your shoes off before you go in and a mosque doesn’t have chairs to sit on, and we found out that there were some things that were the same, people go there to pray and worship.


This week we used the beebots.  We found out how to programme them to make them move.  We had to find out how many times it needed to go forward to reach Rapunzel in the tower.  This week we also designed and made ladders to help rescue Rapunzel from her tall tower. 


Next week our story will be Jack and the Beanstalk.