Autumn 2 week 1

Welcome to our second half term together, we began with celebration worship and there were lots of certificates to give out – well done to our Star of the Week Elizabeth.

In English we are examining the anthology Falling Out of the Sky, we are examining the poems about Myths and Monsters – I’m sure the class will love it.

In Maths we are beginning to look at Multiplication and Division, Geography we are beginning our investigation of ‘Where does our Energy come from?’

Some of the Orcas competed in a football tournament, we played really well, with a great help from our captain Freddie and our amazing goalie Grace – who was actually the only female goalie in the entire competition. They played brilliantly together as a team and really had fun!

This half terms topic homework will be available on Google Classroom and a paper copy has also gone home.


Have a lovely weekend!