The Seals have done a fantastic job this week getting on with their jobs whilst they have had Mrs. Threlfall teaching them. They have continued to work on their learning of coasts and apply that learning through a walk on the beach to observe the different types of erosion. They then wrote some letters to their MP writing about the different types of erosion that they observed, why they thought we should protect our beach, and what we could do to help our environment. They have also continued looking at poetry in English, continuing to analyse different types of poems written by Valerie Bloom and writing poems to share our learning in Seal Class ready for our Class Worship! We finished off our week by looking at different types of magnets, which ones attracted each other and which ones repelled each other. Finding some anomalies in our results gave us a good discussion to look at why that may have happened. We then started to create our slides in computing, learning about the different functions that slides offer and what is appropriate to use.
Shout outs this week go to:
Mary and Polly - Who have become part of our Eco-School Representatives in Seal Class - They put forward an amazing application and we cannot wait to see what they bring forward.
Polly - Our Star of The Week for her analysis of The Jabberwocky and creating her very own Pollywocky!
Lucas - Who received the Headteacher's Award for his amazing writing down at the beach based on our coastline!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Scott