6th October 2023

What an action packed week we have had this week in Puffin class.  We have not stopped.

In English this week we have been writing sentences, remembering to use capital letters and full stops.  We were thinking about the curse that the witch was going to put on Rapunzel and writing our own!  We had some strange, but funny curses.

In maths the Year 2s have been looking at some flexible partitioning of 2 digit numbers then they moved on to looking at identifying numbers on a number line.  The year 1s have been doing some adding of 2 numbers, using resources to support them.

On Monday afternoon, in PE, we moved on from looking at tennis skills and instead looked at the skills needed for cricket.  We began by practising our throwing a catching with a partner then looked at the correct hold for a cricket bat.  Then we used the cricket bat to control a ball around a set of cones.  All the children demonstrated good control of the ball – Well done.  After our PE lesson we went back to the classroom to do some PSHE.  This week we were looking at our families.  We discovered that families come in all different shapes and sizes, yet each one shares one common value of love.

On Tuesday afternoon there was a lot of excitement in Puffin class.  This was because we had a box of old toys and games that we have loaned from the Bailiffgate Museum in Alnwick.  The children had great fun talking about the toys they play with today and then comparing them to the toys in the box.  One major difference that the children observed was the material in which toys were made from.  Many of the toys from the museum were made from wood whereas their toys are made mainly from plastic.  The children enjoyed playing with the wooden sword and shield, the hoop and stick as well as the wooden dog and spinning top. 

Wednesday afternoon was another exciting day as we introduced the Sphero indi cars.  We investigated the green and yellow mats and observed what effect they had on the cars.  We had fun experimenting with the order and amount of green mats – this was so much fun.

Thursday was a DT afternoon and we were tasting smoothies.  We all got to taste 3 smoothies that Miss Murray had made and then we had to try and guess what they were made from.  Most children tried a little bit of each smoothie and were surprised with some of the hidden ingredients!  Including spinach! We then took a closer look at some of the ingredients; we described their appearance, smell and then taste. 

In RE this week we spoke with Rosie about what it means to belong to the Jehovah witness community.  It was very interesting to hear all about it.  Thank you for sharing Rosie.


STAR OF THE WEEK this week was ROSIE Brealey.  Since joining our school Rosie’s confidence has grown so much and we can’t wait to see her continue to grow as the year progresses.  Well done Rosie!