22nd September 2023

Another great week in Puffin class!  We have never stopped.

This week we have been looking at our new class text for English, which is Rapunzel.  We have studied some of the illustrations and acted out the version of Rapunzel that we already know.  We are wondering if this version is going to be the same or if it will have a twist.  We can’t wait to begin reading it next week.  In Maths we have been looking at place value.  The Year 1s started off with some sorting and counting of objects while the year 2s looked at place value charts and embedding their knowledge of tens and ones.

Our PSHE this week was looking at those people who are important to us and thinking about why they are so important to us.  We talked about how they make us feel.  In PE we carried on practising our tennis skills, this week we tried to return a ball that was thrown for us. 

We enjoyed sharing our special toys and memories from when we were a baby as part of our History topic.  The children were very enthusiastic when talking about their toys, who gave them and what memories they held for them.  They compared items with each other then spent some time playing with them (we talked about how we needed to care for them and handle them carefully as they were precious and hold lots of memories).

In computing we were experimenting with all the different tools on ScratchJr.  This was very exciting, especially finding out we can change the character and make it different colours. 

DT was probably our favourite lesson this week.  We were looking at fruit and vegetables.  We began the session by naming a variety of common fruit and vegetables, then we sorted them into ones we thought were fruit and ones we thought were vegetables.  There were a few that tricked us!  Then we learned about what part of the plant we eat; the root, stem, fruit or the leaves.  We then took a closer look at some of the fruit.  We learnt that in order to identify as a fruit it needs to contain seeds.  So we looked through a magnifying glass to see if we could find the seeds.  Some were harder to find than others.  We then finished off by sketching the fruit; looking closely at the size, colour and shape. 

We had a good week with Big Maths – no promotions this week but lots of improvements of our scores from last week so it won’t be long before we have some.

Also Well Done to ARCHIE who was our star of the week!!  Archie has made a fantastic start to life in Puffin class.  He has followed all the rules and listened carefully to instructions.  Keep it up Archie!