Blog 18.11.22

 This week our book of the week was ‘‘Wake Up Time on Bumble Farm’.  This story is about a lot of mess and chaos that happens when a lazy rooster refuses to wake up. First, Goat misses his breakfast, and this one mishap leads to a domino effect of all sorts of things that go wrong.  We loved joining in with the rhyme ‘Wake up Rooster, start the day.  Say rise and shine to Farmer Faye’ which was repeated on nearly every page.

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this book:

 Writing – Choose a picture and write about what is happening on the farm

Maths –  Feed the animals the correct spoonful’s of food

Funky Fingers –Use the tweezers to find the pigs tails in the straw and match then to the correct pig

Playdough – Make three farm animals

Creative – Follow the instructions to make a sheep

Outside – Build a barn using the bricks

 We did a great job of completing our challenges this week.

 This week in PE we did lots of balancing.   We balanced on different body parts and then got to balance among the benches.

 Lots of us have made jam cakes this week and have been problem solving when our mixture didn’t look quite like a cake mix!  We know that we have to follow the recipe but sometimes our cake mix is too dry and sometimes it is too wet so we have been learning about either adding more water or more flour.

 The nursery children went on a number hunt around the school.  They found number everywhere!  Meanwhile the Reception children have been practising telling the time with o’clock and half past. 


We programmed the Beebots this week using a grid on the floor which we pretended was a farm.  We used the farm animals in the grid and told the Beebots where to go to find the animals.


Next week our story will be ‘The Great Pet Sale’ by Mick Inkpen