29th September 2023

Another week over and I don’t know about you but the summer holidays seem like such a long time ago now.  The children are settling well into our routines and are enjoying their phonics and Big Maths groups.  They are trying their hardest to remember ‘Embleton Expects’.  I love how they are all helping each other and supporting each other in their learning.

This week we have begun to investigate the character of Rapunzel and the Witch at the beginning of the story.  We have been using adjectives to describe them.  We have also been thinking about why the witch has locked Rapunzel in the Tower and what she is going to do with all the money she makes from selling Rapunzel’s hair.  We are all wondering what is going to happen next.

In Maths the Year 1s have been doing some number recognition and careful counting.  They have also been matching the numbers to their words.  The Year 2s have been looking at different ways to partition 2 digit numbers using place value charts and part whole models. 

Our hand eye coordination is improving each week in PE and we are returning the ball served to us more accurately now.  In PSHE we listened to the song ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ from Toy Story then thought about all the qualities that we would look for in a friend.  I am happy to report that everyone in Puffin class has lots of friends!

On Tuesday, in history, we thought about what we do to celebrate special events such as birthdays and Christmas.  We talked about any special food we eat, any special decorations we might put up or any special traditions we follow.  It was lovely to hear how different everyone’s celebrations are. In Computing we talked about internet safety and how we can stay safe whilst on the internet.  We discussed information we should and shouldn’t share and talked through the steps we should take if we see anything inappropriate.

In RE we talked about signs and symbols that indicate that a person belongs to a group.  We talked about uniforms for schools, kits for football teams and religious attire for different faiths.  We talked about what a Christian might wear to show they belong to the Christian faith. 


This week our STAR OF THE WEEK is PENNY.  Penny has been working so hard in maths and has completed all her tasks independently. Well done Penny!