Blog 20.10.23

Our book this week was ‘All Kinds of People’ by Emma Damon.  The book is about how people come in all different shapes and sizes and have different interests and hobbies.  It was a lift-the-flap book that celebrates the differences in each of us.  We loved the mirror at the back so we could look at ourselves

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this story:

 Writing – Write about what you like to do

Maths – Use cubes to measure your hand and feet

Funky Fingers – Cut the wool hair  

Outside – Make a face using things you find outside

Creative – Paint a picture of yourself

Construction – Complete the body puzzle

 We had another great week with Rainbow Challenges.  Nearly all the Reception children completed their Rainbow Challenges again.  We are very proud of them.

 In maths this week the Reception children have been learning about different ways of making 3,4 and 5.  They have also continued with our doubles and halves and counting and recognising numbers to twenty. The Nursery children have also been practising recognising numbers.

 In Read, Write Inc. this week the Reception children have been learning the sounds e, l, h and r.  The nursery children have been using musical instruments and working out the different sounds they make and match them with the same instrument .

 Our music this week was exploring the nature sounds.  We went outside onto the playground and made a list of what we could hear.

 Our book this week was about how different we are. We looked at pictures of our eyes and tried to work out who they were.  Some were easy and some were a bit tricky.  We used special skin coloured pencils to draw our faces and faces of other people.  We learnt about our senses and played some different guessing games to guess sounds, smells, and tastes.  We also had some feely bags to guess what was inside and then played a game where we had to look at some objects and then guess what was missing.

 As part of our RE theme ‘Being Special’ we found out how Muslim babies are welcomed into families.  We learnt that many Muslims believe that the first words that a new baby should hear are the words ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah’.  We also learnt about the Aqiqah ceremony that some Muslim families hold for the new baby.

 Starfish star of the week was Adam for writing an ‘A’ for his name.  Well Done Adam!

 Next week we will have an autumn theme and our book will be ‘The Scarecrow who didn’t Scare’ by Neil Griffiths.