This week we have been looking at how to write the perfect instructions.  We looked at using numbers or bullet points to order them as well as looking at using some imperative verbs.  On Thursday we also looked at using some time connectives to help us with the order of instructions.  We had a go at ordering some instructions and then finding the imperative verbs that they had used. 

In maths we have been doing some problem solving and reasoning questions involving time.  We are getting much better at telling the time!

On Monday there was some excitement in the village as they were doing some filming for a new TV show so we went out at lunch time and watched them.  We were amazed at all the equipment they were using and how many extras were involved.  We stood super still and quiet while they did a retake of a scene.  How exciting! 

Due to the rain we had to do our PE inside on Monday so we just played some relay games and team games.  We also began our new DT unit this week.  This involved threading a needle and having a go at doing some running stitch.  I am so proud of the children’s determination to get their needles threaded – this is always the trickiest part.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, most people managed to get their needle threaded ready for starting to sew.  Most children concentrated really hard to get their material sewn together, some even got theirs finished!  Well done. 

PROMOTIONS in Big Maths this week go to ROSIE and AIDAN.  Well done!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.