Blog 23.09.22


Our book this week was ‘Super Snail’ by Elys Dolan.  It tells the story of Kevin the slug who must prove his worth to the legendary League of Heroes.  When disaster strikes and the snail signal shines, it’s time for him to step up.


Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this book:


Writing – Write a speech bubble for Super Snail

Maths – Use Numicon to make a snail

Funky Fingers – Fill the lines on Super Snails underpants with gems

Construction – Build some tall buildings for Super Snail to fly over

Creative – Follow the instructions to draw Super Snail

Reading – Choose your favourite superhero book and talk about why you like it


What a great job everybody did this week! Lots of children did their gold challenge - Well done


We looked at some pictures and videos of snails and saw the spirals.  We all practised drawing spirals this week, some of us found it quite tricky but we persevered!


In our story this week Super Snail uses super slime to defeat the baddies.  Mrs Cotton put some slime in the tuff tray for us to play with using the superhero figures.  We made up stories for our superheroes to save people from baddies.


In RE we are finding out how different religions welcome babies into their families.   This week we looked at pictures of ourselves as babies and tried to identify who was who.   We also looked at hospital bracelets and baby announcements that our parents had sent out when we were born.  We went over to the church to find out how Christians welcome babies into the family of the church.  Then we came back to school and baptised our dolly.


Next week our book will be ‘A day at the police station’ by Richard Scarry.