Blog 15.7.22


Our book this week was ‘Mrs Lather’s Laundry’ by Allan Alhberg.  It tells the story of The Lather family who own a laundry.  Sick of washing socks and sheets and undershirts, the Lathers decide that in future they will wash anything except laundry including  babies, dogs and elephants!


Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this book:


Writing – Make a sign for Mrs Lather’s laundry

Maths – Put the socks in pairs and count them in two’s

Funky Fingers – Peg the socks on the washing line

Construction – Use the wooden blocks to build a model of a washing machine.

Creative – Use a clothes peg to make an animal puppet

Outside – Wash something in the tuff tray


We were very busy this week so not many children completed all their challenges but we all did our best..


This week we borrowed a box from Bailiffgate Museum which was full of artefacts from the past.  We looked at a washboard, rope washing line, scrubbing brush, washing dolly, pegs, soap, an iron and tongs.  We learnt about how people did the washing a long time ago and thought about how different it is to how we do the washing now.  We also watched a video of someone showing us how they did the laundry a long time ago.


In the box from the library there was a game about doing the washing.  We had turn playing the game this week.   We did some washing and used different pegs to put our washing on the line.  The dolly pegs were quite tricky, we all preferred the pegs with the springs in the middle.  Some of us chose to wear the mop caps that some people used to wear when they did the washing.


Wednesday was moving up day so the Reception children went to Puffin class for the day and most of the Nursery children had a taster of being in Reception. 


In our story this week Miss Lather and Master Lather have a tug of war with a sheet.  We tried this too, it was great fun!  The children in the book also play tennis across the washing line.  We took the bats and balls outside to have a go at playing tennis – it was very tricky! We also did some washing machine Cosmic Yoga!


At the end of the week we washed some socks that we had brought from home but it  true wash day style it absolutely poured with rain on our washing!