This week we continue to practise telling the time, especially the Year 2s telling the time to 5 minute intervals.  We have also been practising drawing the hands on a clock to represent different times of the day.  We discussed where the hands would be over lapping and how best to represent that. 

In English we began our local author study.  We are looking at the author Helen Stephens.  She lives in Berwick and has written a number of children’s books including ‘How to hide a lion’, the one we are looking at for the next few weeks.  Our focus will be writing instructions but to begin with we drew a story map to help us remember the story.

We carried on practising our athletics / sports day activities.  We did some more running races, this week doing a longer distance.  We had another go at javelin throwing, Josh is still our reigning champion, however some of the others are improving their throw and getting pretty close!! We also tried some target practise in order to improve the accuracy of our throwing.

In Geography we are focusing on the UK so on Tuesday we had a mini quiz to test the children’s locational knowledge!  This was interesting.  We then talked about the countries that make up the UK and their capital cities.  In music we were looking at the structure of songs.  This is just simply the way in which music is organised.  We were looking to see if there were any verses that were the same or if they were all different.  We then thought about making up our own musical structure using words found in the story of King Arthur. 

PROMOTIONS in Big Maths this week go to CONNIE, MARTIN and JOSH Well done!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.