Our Environmental Review and Action Plan

Our eco-school council is conducting a comprehensive review of our school's sustainability and biodiversity to identify our strengths and areas for improvement. The goal is to ensure that we are doing our part in protecting the environment and promoting eco-friendliness in all aspects of our school life. This review will help us develop a roadmap for a more sustainable future.
Please find below our Environmental Review.
The most recent Eco-School Council meeting that took place at our school focused on the children reviewing the school's environmental review and came up with an action plan focusing on three key areas: energy, water, and healthy living. The children were very enthusiastic and had some great ideas on how we can reduce our energy consumption, conserve water, and promote healthy living habits in our school. They are all determined to make our school an eco-friendlier place and are excited to get started on implementing their ideas. We would like to invite you to encourage your children to continue to think about ways to reduce our environmental impact and to support their efforts in any way you can. Thank you for your support in making our school a greener and healthier place.