Week beginning 7th September

Our first full week in Orca class and what a week it has been! We jumped straight into our class novel Holes by Louis Sachar, this book links with the topic for this term Crime and Punishment. The children are also using Holes for the guided reading text.

In maths we began investigating Roman numerals, this was challenging and the children showed excellent perseverance skills and showed a great understanding- I was very proud of them!

We began our new topic – Crime and Punishment, looking at the Tudor period in history and their laws and punishments also the children looked at different case studies and gave their own verdict and punishment;  a favourite punishment was definitely the ducking stool.

Each week a child will write a blog post about the week from their perspective and it will be posted weekly on the website, this week all of the children have written their own blog posts about what has happened.

Within class we are also using Dojo points, children can earn points by working hard, showing perseverance, showing kindness, using their manners, beating their test score, helping others and more ways. The children are then able to ‘buy’ a prize when they have reached a certain amount or save for the main prize which is worth 110 points and is a letter home, a certificate and a dip in the prize box!

Homework is due on a Thursday and is on Google Classroom this includes spellings, English and maths. PE kits need to be in school on a Thursday also, if your child would like to bring a healthy snack in to be eaten at break time they can.

Next week our class blogger will be Lauren!

I hope everyone has a safe and lovely weekend.

Miss Thompson

Megan's Blog

This week, on the orcas blog 

                           Staring Megan                     

   On monday first it was english the lesson was a about   it was about a book called Holes so we had to write a diary entry as the main character Stanley Yelnats I'll tell you a summary of the first part  so basically the class was scudding ratios and the teacher told Stanley and bill to come  front and the teacher got the scales out of the cupboard and then said to weigh themselves and Stanley was three times bigger than bill and he was humiliated and people started bullying he for his weight.  If you like what you  hear then you should get the book called Holes .     


Next we did big math with Mabel and Arthur and we did  place value. It was very fun. Basically for every slide we got right we got a dojo point. Next we did roman numerals it was hard i got a few right.


Next we did crime and punishment title was .were the middle ages lawless did you think the middle ages were lawless? 

If you are wondering  what dojo points are they are points that you get for being respectful , perseverance, reading at home , helping others , kindness, beating your test scores, using manners and working hard. 

Thank you for reading by blog 

Noah's Blog



In maths we have been doing Roman Numerals and it was so fun because we get to 

learn about a type of language that we did not know about so I love maths.


Joke of the day 

Basically the joke of the day is so when you come in there would be a joke on a whiteboard 

For example today. What do you call a pig that does karate a pork chop. So that is our

Joke for the day. 



In topic we learn about crime and punishment for example the ducking stool so they would 

Put a woman in a chair and then drowned them and if they were a witch they would 

Teleport out of it but if they were not a witch they would just drown.


Guided reading

What we read is Holes. It is the best ever book for example in the book some random shoes fall out of the sky so yeah you'll probably want to read it because it is the best ever book.


   Class dojo points

What a dojo point is it is basically a point but you can spend them on 

20 points is a smelly sticker 30 points is play your favorite song in class 

40 points swap seats for the day 50 points new rubber 60 new pencil

70 points prize box dip 80 points laptop time at lunch time 90 points 

Read your favourite book to the class 100 points sweet treat

110 points letter home certificate and prize out of prize pox.

Don't forget how you can get dojo points and be is be nice and  help others.

Working hard, good manners and working hard.



Lauren's Blog

This week on the orca blog,                                                                                                                                                                       

                                           Staring Lauren

On Monday, we did our words were Hearty,Homonym,Antonym,Aspire and portable. Then we did our English about  a book called Holes.

Next we did big maths, in big maths we did place value it was easy. We did it with Mabel and Arthur.After big maths we did maths and in maths we did Roman numerals. It was not that hard but it was fun at the same time.After break and lunch we did crime and punishment that was really good fun and quite upsetting what they did to the people back in the day.And we also get dojo points and if you get lots of points you get to spend them.

Jacob's Blog

In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals and place value. At first it was a bit tricky until Miss Thompson explained it a bit more to us. And in English we are reading a book called Holes and it's about a boy that goes to camp called Camp Green Lake but there is no lake therw.

Topic we have been learning about crime and punishment. Stocks are where they lock your feet up and leave you there and people can throw fruit at you.  

Guided Reading we are reading one sentence each at a time and we are  reading Holes and it is so good .
Class Dojo Points there are many ways to earn them like good manners, and listening beating your test score, working hard, reading at home you may be wondering what they can do 20 points smelly sticker.