Week beginning 5th October

In Orca Class we have been investigating non chronological reports and the yellow spotted lizard which is a continuous character within the book Holes. The children wrote their own non chronological report and also typed them onto Google Slides. 


The children have been discovering rounding this week something which they found tricky but showed great perseverance skills and their understanding has developed greatly. 


All of the children did well to beat their scores in one of their test areas this week too and I must say I was very impressed with the standard of writing in their English homework this week! 

Noah's Blog


In maths this week we have been learning about rounding


We have been writing a non-chronological report about the yellow spotted lizard and then using Google Slides to make a presentation.

Guided reading

This week in guided reading we have been reading holes.


In science we have been learning about Carl Linneaus and his classification system.


In art we have been drawing patterns and diamonds


Honesty it was about what it meant and the importance of being honest.


I was doing piano lessons and also drum lessons.


There was the drum lessons which was really exciting


With the dojo points i spent a song with them called mans not hot

Class joke of the day

I found out a really funny joke called this pencil has two rubbers, its rubbers its totally pointless.



There has been a really exciting thing in Embleton a digger came in and dug out a little bit of the quarry and they also are draining the pond.