Week beginning 28th September

This week in Orca class we have been working really hard with our presentation and remembering the class rule of DUMLUM,



*Miss a line

*Learning objective


*Miss a line

We are using this to help make our work look clear and neat.

In science we began investigating Carl Linnaeus who developed Taxonomy, the classification of organisms. The children used Google Classroom and created a presentation.

We joined the Seal class on Wednesday and began learning about the importance of E Safety and using the computers and the internet safety and age restrictions too.

All of the Orca class beat at least one of their scores this week in either Big Maths or spellings and can you believe that it’s that time of year again when the children prepared their designs for their Christmas cards!

I have also sent an email link to parents and carers for access to the Class Dojo where you will be able to see when your child earns a Dojo and what for. If you have not received this then please let me know and I'll resend it.

Have a lovely and safe weekend.

Miss Thompson


Jacob's Blog

In english we have been learning about a book called holes it is about a boy called Stanley Yelnats the funny thing about his name is spelled backwards and forwards.Stanley goes to a place called Camp Green  Lake but there is no Lake there and it is in the middle of the desert an

d he meats some new friends  called Squid X Ray and Armpit.

In guided reading. Guided reading is when one person reads one sentence and then the other person reads another sentence.  We are reading holes there is also a movie I would recommend it if you  like the desert or lizards.Music

In music whe have been learning how to play the african drums called djembe drums and they are made out of goat skin. Dojo 

This week I have earned 2 points for beating my big maths test scores from last week .


We have been learning about Carl Linneaus  and what he discovered he discovered  the 5 kingdoms there are mammals  birds fish insects worms and categorised them using Latin so everyone would know.