Week beginning 21st September

We’ve had such a fun week in Orca Class this week; it’s been a joy coming into school! In maths we have continued looking at numbers up to 1,000,000 and the children have really improved their understanding and knowledge in this area.

In English we have continued reading our class novel Holes we have also been using this text as our guided reading book, it also links with our topic for the term which is Crime and Punishment.

The children had their first drumming lesson this week too and even began learning a piece of music and following a rhythm.

We have finished some of the art work for the notelets which we will be selling in hope to help us raise money to adopt an orca for the year – so that is very exciting.

On Thursday we have our big maths tests and spelling tests and I am so proud of all of the children as everyone improved at least two of their scores this week.

I have uploaded the English homework and hopefully ironed out any problems that occurred last week so, hopefully the children will be able to access it easily and with no problems.

We have another John Muir session with Bridie on the beach to look forward to this Friday and the following Friday. If your child would like to bring a healthy snack in for break times then they can do, each child also has their own individual water bottle provided by the school.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Thompson

This week on the orca blog by Megan. 

First we did words  are words where accident, actual, address,accommodate, accompany and according 

Next we wrote a diary entry as Stanley after his first day at camp green lake I have learnt a lot about Stanley like he was bullied, he was poor and that his hero was Clyde Livingston 

Guided reading , we have been reading Holes this book is about Stanley Yelnats.  Did you know that Stanley Yelnats is spelled the same backward the same forwards let me read the blurb for you  Stanley Yelnats' family  has a history of bad luck  going back generations, so he's not too surprised when a miscarriage of justice sends him to Camp Green Lake juvenile sends correctional facility. Nor  is he very surprised when he is told that his daily labour at camp is to dig one hole each day , five feet wide by five feet deep and report anything  that it is character building but this is a lie. Stanley must dig up the truth .          

Maths , compare and order  I got them all right  one of the ones we did was order smallest to largest  

PE, in pe we have been doing yoga its very calm you should try it if you're stressed.

Class joke of the day, did you hear about the kidnapping in school? Its fine now she woke up 

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