Week beginning 19th October

This week in Orca class we have been writing formal letters to Sir David Attenborough explaining to him about all of the wonderful things that we have been doing during the John Muir Award – I will be posting them this weekend.

In maths we have been completing a SATS test so I can use this information to help personalise the children’s homework and targets for this half term. In Big Maths the children have been counting time gaps using analogue clocks.

During PSHE the children discussed the importance of rules and what rules we have in school and society.

It has been not only a busy week but, also a busy half term. The children have an extended write, spellings and maths to complete over the half term also, the writing log sheet will be on the Google classroom page from the beginning of next half term. If you have any questions about it please let me know, I hope you have a lovely half term.


Miss Thompson

Megan's Blog 

This week on the orca blog,

 English- we have been writing a letter to David Attenborough about the John Muir award. Here's mine- I am writing to you to tell you about the John Muir award that key stage 2 at Embleton school have taken in part in this half term. My school goes every friday to the beach. Come rain shine or snow that was one of my paragraphs. We hope he replies.

Maths- we learnt how to tell the time and we did our status.   were hard. I think I got 1.

Djembe Drums- in drums we learnt Cuckoo one,two,three and four which is different types of music.

Re/Pshe- we were watching a short film and  note taking and putting how the animal was feeling.

Emotion Journal- I was feeling creative so I drew a picture of a field with me sitting in it.


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