Week beginning 16th November

What a week with the Awesome Orcas! 

The children continued reading their guided reading book Holes and they are well and truly hooked! In maths the children have been multiplying and dividing four digit by one digit numbers and two digit by two digit numbers using different methods to support them in this area of maths. 

In science the children have been discovering the fascinating are of adaptation and how animals have evolved to their environment over the years. 

Design technology the children have been continue to develop their sewing skills this week they concentrated on their running stitch and over stitch. 

The children did really well with their spelling scores this week and in their maths are continuing to improve their skills. 
Just a reminder with regard to homework, children’s maths homework is personalised to their learning gaps meaning this is an area which they have found challenging in the previous weeks tests, they may need to work through the presentation more than once to become confident in that particular area. 

Don’t forget to look at the class dojo page for daily updates and photos of what Orcas are up to! 

I look forward to see what this week brings, here is a video of the children during their djembe drum lesson which I personally think is very impressive with only around 4 hours of teaching!