Week beginning 14th September

There has been so much learning crammed into Orca class this week! We started the week with a guided reading session using our class book Holes, the children seem to be really enjoying it and it fits in with our topic of Crime and Punishment. We have used Camp Green Lake as a stimulus and produced a setting description we have also investigated different genres and their meanings.

In maths we have continued looking at place value, the children did find this challenging but have shown great perseverance and are managing to identify numbers up to 1,000,000 and they can solve reasoning and problem solving questions with these numbers.

We began our science topic this week looking at classification of animals and produce a flow chart using specific vocabulary including vertebrates, invertebrates, omnivores, herbivores and carnivores.

The children have continued to develop their touch typing skills in ICT, they are able to identify the home row and home keys.

Both Seals and Orcas are looking forward to the return of Bridie tomorrow for beach school where we will start completing specific tasks to earn our John Muir award.

Just a reminder that homework is due on a Thursday morning, all homework is on Google Classroom and should be turned in via here, if you are unable to do it electronically could any pieces of paper be photographed and sent to the school admin. If your child is struggling to do their homework please let me know. Also, on the spelling section there is a document which states different ways that can help your child learn there spellings.

Have a lovely and safe weekend.

Miss Thompson


Lauren's blog

This week in Orca class we have be learning about a lot of things,

English-  we have been talking about genres and different books and categories in english called genres.

Guided reading- in guided reading we are reading the book holes and it is a sad book in some parts. We are on chapter 6 and page 21 and I think we are going to read all of it.

Words-  the words we have been doing are exasperate and cautiously they were quite difficult words and I did both of them.

Big maths- in big maths we have been doing bus stop method and it was really hard and I  got every single one correct.

Maths-  in maths we have been doing numbers to ten million, numbers to 100,000 and numbers to a million.it was really not that hard I am on a really hard level.

Topic-  in the topic we have been learning about crime and punishment and all about witches, Megan, Noah and Jacob have been writing a long story.

Class dojo we have been getting lots of points over this week and I have nearly got 100 points Noah has got 57, Jacob  has got 56 and Megan has got 74 points.