Week beginning 12th October

Orca class, this week we have had the arrival of our new Chrome Books, thank you very much to Reverend Alison and the church, the children in Orca class now have a Chrome book each and are able to use them with more confidence. This will be beneficial for the children when they move to High School where they will be using Chrome Books in their lessons.

The children showed great perseverance skills in maths when they continued their understanding of negative numbers, this area can prove rather tricky but, the children really enjoyed the challenge and didn’t give up!

In English we have been writing an informal letter to Stanley’s mum, I have attached each child’s letter below for you to read.

Please note I will be making a document on Google Drive for you to fill in when the children have read, the children are at an age where they are able to fill it in themselves too. Reading is such a key part of education and the children would normally be expected to read four times a week and write it into their planners but, we are trying to reduce the amount that goes home and comes into school. Each child has a reading book which goes home and one which stays in school too, when they are finished with their home reading book there is a box under the covering at school where they need to be placed in and they are then left for 72 hours. If you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to ring.

Also on a Wednesday after school there is a one hour homework club for Orcas where the children can stay behind for an hour after school and complete homework.


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Thompson

Jacob's letter

Hey Mum,

                        Hope you are doing good. Has Dad finished his invention yet? Any ways I miss you all very much. I wish I could come back because, we have to dig holes which are 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep holes everyday!                                                                                                                                   

I sleep in a cot where there are five different cots and five different people : Armpit,Squid,Zigzag,Zero and X Ray. I sleep in Barf Bag’s cot, it is very itchy.


The food is alright. We have porridge and orange juice for breakfast. The porridge tastes like mud slop,but the orange juice is so tasty. But for tea we have brown vegetables and I think they were ones green and some mint type of slope.


We sleep in tent D. I sleep next to Armpit. I think I know why he calls himself that. They have real names and nicknames the adults call dem by their real names.My nickname is Caveman.


When we dig our holes if whe we find something interesting we have to tell Mr Pendanski.



Megan's letter

Stanley Yelnats

Tent D13

Camp Green Lake




25 of December 1975

Hey Mum,   


How are you doing? Hope you're ok, because I'm having a mental breakdown.I haven't even got a Christmas present. And it's especially hot and I'm in a hole! Anyway,what did you get for Christmas? How did Dad's invention come along? I can't wait to eat your lovely cheese pizza. I miss the taste.


Did you know that I met some new friends called Squid,Xray,Armpit and Zigzag. And mum we have to dig a hole five feet deep and five feet wide! It's really hot, plus if we find something in the ground then we need to give the warden. It's so hot outside I could sweat a river. 


I can't even begin to tell you how disgusting the breakfast is. It's not even edible, the orange juice is fine I guess. But, for dinner it is so bad that I want to  throw up  sometimes. I even swapped with Mr. Pendanski.


I sleep in tent D the smelliest tent of all! It smells like Armpit plus I'm sleeping next to armpit right now,he stinks (now i know why they call him armpit).


I miss you so much mum. I can't wait to come home,Im very hungry(send help, don't actually please dont)by the way i hate my no-good-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-great grandfather


Mum I hate the warden. She is so mean, she kills yellow spotted lizard.I understand why but that still mean. She also calls me a plump kid. It makes me angry, so I called her builkey she didn't like It so I had to dig a 7 feet deep hole!!  


Please get me  outta here love you mum p.s.( Please write back)

Stanley xxx




Lauren’s Blog

This week we have been doing,

English: in english we have been writing a letter to Stanley's mother about Camp Green Lake and seeing how his mother is doing. It was really fun to do it.

Science: in science we have been doing how to identify mammals, birds, amphibians, fish and reptiles. We did this big pit of paper that had all the information on and put all of the pictures in place.

Handwriting: in handwriting the words that we have been writing are believe, bicycle, appreciate, apparent, ancient and breath.

Maths: in maths we have been doing negative numbers and then we did add and subtract integers, it was really fun and really hard.

RE/PSHE: in PSHE we have been doing about moral dilemmas what it means to do the wrong thing or the bad thing.

Exciting news, we all got our own chrome books (laptops) we do a lot of our work on it, thank you Reverend Alison and the church.

Noah's letter




Hello Mum,

                     I am doing well which I wish I could say but I am not! The showers, you are only allowed to go in for 4 minutes but you can't even touch the water. It is that cold.


The worst thing is that I have to sleep in a cot which used to be owned by a boy called Barf Bag, the only light we get is from the Moon and the stars...


If you’re wondering what I do here, basically I have to dig a whole 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide.i I usually take around 5 to 6 hours to dig one hole which is way harder to dig because my hands are covered in blisters and my arms ache.


The lunch is kind of wonderful but it is brown.This morning, I woke up at 5 o’clock and had breakfast. I had orange juice and porridge. The porridge was disgusting but the orange juice was so juicy that I would have it every day! The bad thing is, the breakfast drinks shange every day.


I sleep in cot D i have the roommates ok fine that was a lie “sorry”they ar3 terrible their nicknames are Armpit,Squid,Xray and also Zig zag my nickname is Caveman well that is what call me at least it is not that bad


From your favorite son  Please write back so I know you got this letter.

 Another thing there Is no Mosquito nets

Stanley Yelnats

X                     x

  X                 x

      X          x

         X  X


Lauren's letter



Stanley Yelnats

Camp Green Lake

In the middle of a desert

Lots of holes



10 March 1999


Hi Mum,

              How are you doing? I hope you, Dad and Pops are doing ok, I am doing really well at Camp Green Lake. Mum I am actually lying, I am not doing ok at all. The Warden at Camp Green Lake is very strict and is not being kind to us. I will never lie to you again. I have to sleep with six noisey boys. One of the boys snorse! My bed smells of sour milk, we also have to watch out for the yellow spotted lizards,if you get bitten by one you will die a  slow and painful death!


The orange juice is the best, lunch is horrible, you make the best dinner! Every day we have a hole, five feet deep and five feet and five feet wide. About five or six o’clock Mr Pendanski comes with the water and fills up our canteens. I have lots of friends here, they’re called Armpit, Squid, Zigzag, Zero, Xray and I sleep in tent D which smells of armpit. We are digging holes because apparently it turns you into a good boy


I really do not believe in that nonsense,If you find anything interesting in the holes, while you are digging, you have to give it to Mr Pendanski and then Mr Pendanski will give it to the Warden. If the Warden likes it you get the day off. I found a fish fossil and the Warden couldn’t be bothered to even look at it.


At night the only light in the tent is the moon and the stars. When I am lying in my bed I make shapes out of the stars and one time I made some stars in the shape of you.




P.S. I love you and miss you. I would love a letter back, if you don’t mind, please!


Stanley xx