Summer 22 - LKS2 Visit to Brinkburn (Lifepath)

On Thursday, Seal Class went to Brinkburn Priory to take part in Lifepath! What a welcome we received. It was lovely to see so many different schools come together to take part in the event. We started off by creating a chant for our group—we were the climbers. We then joined all the schools for a welcome worship where we sang the songs we had learnt in school. The main teaching was all about Emmanuel (God is with us wherever we are) and about St Oswald. We then started our workshop all about prayers and how prayers are used to give thanks, ask for help by saying please, and say sorry when we have done wrong. We thought about the different ways we can pray and the things we give thanks for. We then moved on to our next workshop, which was the drama one based on St Oswald's story. Some of the children even got to travel to the Island of Iona and join his army. They even got to do some sword fighting! Then it was time for lunch. We then did some work with oil pastels and tiles before moving on to Scriptography, which is how monks used to record the information in books like the Gospels. Before finishing off the day by putting our rocks on the cairn.