Summer 22- LKS2 Virtual RAF Glider Challenge

This week we took part in the KS2 Virtual Glider Challenge organised by the RAF. We first had to come up with team names before assigning ourselves our jobs in our team. We had to choose between a researcher, a designer, and a maker. We then learnt about the Theory of Flight before researching different types of gliders and what the advantages and disadvantages of different types of wings are. We then spent some time sketching rough designs before learning how to use a safety knife, which allowed us to create our prototypes and balance boards out of cardboard. We found it's very hard to cut cardboard with a pair of scissors. We then joined in on Wednesday to the live session, where we could ask live questions and find out more information about the project. We were then given time to create our gliders out of the A3 foam board. We then had to try to throw them the furthest distance. The Airborne 123 group did over 7m! To finish our day off, we had to create a presentation to explain why we had chosen to design our glider the way we had.