Summer 1 Week 1

Well as always in Orca Class we hit the ground running on Monday, we are continuing with our Poetry in Wonderland theme from Alice in Wonderland; this week we have explored the poems Jabberwocky, Feeling Icky, I Wish I Knew Who I Was This Morning and The Parent Quandrille. Below you can find some of the children’s work from Beach School this week.

In maths we have begun to explore converting units of measurement we have found this rather tricky this week and but, have shown great perseverance and will continue to tackle this area of maths.

In topic we have begun exploring the amazing Americas! Using atlases we began investigating different countries within this area of the world. We then began to investigate hemispheres, longitude and latitude and discovered why Greenwich Mean Time is called that… such a fascinating week full of learning!

Well done to Orcas for winning the TTRS battle AGAIN- it’s really showing in your Big Maths Learnits scores – especially a huge well done to Thomas who got 72 /72, he’s persevered so long to get that score. Also, well done to Grace our Star of the Week for a wonderful and rather humorous poem.