15 March 2020

15th March 2020
What a busy week!  As you will know, we had Ofsted on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  The result is not made public until the report is finalised and published - as soon as I have it I will let you know!
On Thursday Starfish class had a lovely day at Whitehouse Farm, as part of their farming topic.
As the threat of coronavirus grows, staff in school are ensuring that everyone takes more precautions with staying clean.  The current direction is that children, as with the rest of the population, only need to be off if they are exhibiting symptoms as detailed by the government.  We will enforce this position, sending children home if they have a persistant dry cough or a temperature.
To reduce the risks of spreading any infection, and in order to help keep the local community safe, we are cancelling all external trips, including swimming, from this week.  We will keep on going to Beach School, as we keep well away from others whilst we are there.
As the situation develops we will endeavour to keep you informed.  Staff are busy in the background preparing for any closures.