Friends of Embleton School

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Every parent is automatically a member of the Embleton Parent & Friends Association (PFA) - your voice counts!

Our goal is to use the skills, time and help (be that 15 minutes now and then or much more) of our community to raise funds that are used for the children at our school.

As with many schools, our PFA are always asking for help and often short of volunteers! You will see our cries for baking, prizes, and time on a regular basis via our Facebook page, parent mail and general persuasion at drop off and pick up times!

10 reasons to join in!

1. You are vital to the success of the school

Without the funds raised by the PFA, your child would not get the benefits of bus travel to educational visits, admissions for educational visits, seasonal fayres and events outside of school.

2. It’s TOTALLY flexible!

There are a variety of small ways you can help and be involved – from designing a poster, baking cakes, cleaning up after an event, helping out on a stall…so many ways.

3. You’ll feel more connected

There’s no better way to know what events are being planned, have your say or make new fundraising suggestions, than by offering your help and support.

4. You’ll be part of a great network

You will be part of a network of parents/carers who all share a common goal of our children having the best school experience possible.

5. Make a difference

Our PFA strive to establish a supportive and encouraging community for the entire school. By volunteering to help you will be reinforcing this for your children and the whole school.

6. It’s good for you!

Volunteering contributes to a positive attitude and children see their families helping and giving time to support the local community. 

7. Be a role model

By getting involved with our PFA, you’ll show your children that not only are they important to you, but their education is as well.  Getting involved demonstrates good teamwork and community spirit.

8. What the PFA does affects every parent (and pupil)

Your voice matters – the PFA is made up pf parents/carers to represent you, so help us to do this effectively. 

9. It’s fun!

Help plan fun events, socials and get-togethers, Suggest NEW fun ways to raise funds & get your whole family involved!

10. Finally…

Our children are only at school for a relatively short time. PFA events such as seasonal fayres with the accompanying mayhem and fun from bouncy castles to fire engine visits will be remembered fondly by our children for a lifetime.  The equipment and resources the PTA helps fund, make learning even more engaging. Help us continue to create lasting memories for our children.

Ask at the school office, or via, if you would like more information.