Blog 8.10.21

Our book this week was about Sir Captain Tom Moore, ‘One Hundred Steps’. The story begins when he was born in Yorkshire in 1920 through to his incredible fund-raising campaign for the NHS.

In ‘Squiggle while you Wiggle’ this week the Nursery children have been squiggling some amazing circles!   They have also been brilliant at clapping syllable in words showing some excellent listening skills.  The Reception children have been doing lots of reading and writing of cv and cvc words using the sounds they know.  They loved using the fly swats to swat the words they could read!  We also started dough disco again this week which the children all really enjoyed.

This week we also read the story ‘Supertato Bubbly Troubly’.In the story the characters get stuck in lots of bubbles and try various ways to get out.  In the end they find that soap gets rid of the bubbles and they escape.  The children didn’t believe that soap would get rid of the bubbles and that popping them should have worked.  We put bubbles in the tuff tray and investigated with bars of soap.  The children were amazed that the soap did eventually make all the bubbles disappear!

This week we went to the quarry.  Our book this week was ‘One Hundred Steps’ so we took one hundred steps in the quarry.  We took some journey sticks with us and collected different things that we found as we counted our one hundred steps.   We also looked for footprints, hoping we might find some rabbit footprints (we spotted lots of rabbit poo!) but we couldn’t see any footprints.

As part of our RE ‘Being Special’ we discussed how special our families are.  We spoke about who is in our family and that everybody’s family is different.  We are putting photos of our families on our family tree and hope to have it filled very soon.  

Next week our story will be The Very Helpful Hedgehog by Rosie Wellesley.