Blog 7.5.21

This week seems to have flown by and as always we have been very busy!

We haven’t got outside much this week as we have had a lot of rain and nobody was very keen to go outside even though Mrs Popay and Mrs Cotton said we could.

The nursery children have been doing some fabulous counting and number recognition in maths this week. In Letters and Sounds some of the nursery children have been listening to the initial sounds in words particularly ‘s’ and ‘a’.  They have been identifying and sorting objects that start with those two sounds. They have been working especially hard. 

This week we have been thinking about what houses are made of.  We made our own Lego houses but didn’t make a Lego roof.  We thought about what might make a good roof for our houses.  We chose to test out wood, paper, playdough, cotton wool, plastic, sellotape and metal.  We investigated by pouring water on the different materials to see what would work best.

Our favourite thing in the tuff tray this week was the paint sticks.  They are a bit like a glue stick but are paint.  We produced some fabulous creations.

As part of our RE theme ‘Special Stories’ we heard a story from Islam about a prophet and some ants.   The story teaches Muslims that no matter how small or big an animal is they are all important to God.

We tried to go out into the village for a walk this week but kept getting rained off!  We did eventually go out on Thursday with the iPads to take some photographs but just as we got out of school big hailstones began to fall so we had to go back.  Fingers crossed for better weather next week!