Blog 6.11.20

We began our new theme this term ‘Colours’ with the book ‘Blue Chameleon’ by Emily Gravett.   This book is about a blue chameleon that can turn himself into anything and appear to fit in anywhere, but it seems that neither the swirly snail, the green grasshopper nor the striped sock want to be friends. It’s not until the end of the book that he finds someone to talk to, someone just like him.

We have had colour related Rainbow Challenges this week.  Our challenges have been to:

  • write labels for different colours
  • find the chameleons that were hidden outside
  • design and colour  our own chameleon
  • use a pipe cleaner to make a chameleon
  • measure the chameleon pictures and find out which was the longest and shortest

We also found out about real chameleons by watching a video.

As it is Remembrance Day next week we have begun to learn a poem ‘Poppy, Poppy’.  This week the Curiosity Box contained a rainbow and lots of colourful animals.  We discussed the different colours and tried to write them on the paper using the sounds that we know.

The Reception children have been recapping all the letters that we learnt so far and have been practising writing the letters using the correct formation. We have also been using magnetic letters to make cvc words and writing them on whiteboards and in our books. The nursery children have been focussing on the different sounds that instruments make and listening and guessing which ones they could hear.  They have also been on a colour hunt around the classroom trying to find different things that are the same colour as the chameleon in our book.

In maths the Reception children have been adding up to five, continuing their doubling and halving skills up to double five and have continued to practise writing numbers.  Nursery children have been focussing on careful and accurate counting up to five and singing lots of number songs.

We have been doing lots of bonfire related activities this week.  We found out about Guy Fawkes and made firework collages.  We made some firework displays in the tuff tray using loose parts and wrote firework words onto brightly coloured stars.  We also practised our counting by making rockets, matching the numbers to the correct number cube rockets.  On black paper we drew some firework patterns using coloured chalk.

Next week our book will be ‘Colours.  A Walk in the Countryside’.   A National Trust book written and illustrated  by Rosalind Beardshaw.