Blog 5.11.21

This week we have been learning about the festival of Diwali and our Rainbow Challenges have all been to do with the celebration.

Writing – Label a picture from the story

Maths – Make Numicon to make a rangoli patter

Funky Fingers – Use different coloured pens to make a mehndi  pattern

Creative – Use coloured rice to make a rangoli pattern

Construction area – Use Octons to make a path of diva lamps to make lead Rama and Sita home.

Outside – Make a bridge for Rama to rescue Sita


This week we have been exploring what happens when we put coloured materials over a torch, we had great fun shining the torches onto the ceiling.   Mrs Popay made us a dark den and we investigated using the torches and some glow sticks in the dark.   

We also looked at some special clothing that people might wear to celebrate Diwali.  The saree fabric was very long.  Lots of us loved the sparkly green outfit.  We spoke about how these clothes were different to clothes that we might wear for a special occasion.   We also made salt dough diva lamps which we decorated with beads, glitter and paint.  We then put some candles in them before we took them home. 

This week we began our independent cooking station.  The recipe is for jam mug cake.  We have learnt that we have to measure the ingredients very carefully otherwise it doesn’t work.  When we have made our cakes we have to wash up.  We always need to remember to wash our hands and put on an apron before we start.

 Mr Easton came in again this week for our music lesson.  We love singing,  taking part in musical games and using the shaker eggs. 

This week Miss Bolam joined us.  She is training to be a teacher and has come to do placement in Starfish class.  She will be with us for all of November before she goes back to university.  Miss Bolam will come back in March when she will do her final placement. 

Next week our book will be ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert.