Blog 5.10.20

Our book for this week has been ‘Cake’  by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.   The story is about a cake who’s about to attend his very first party—but he has no idea what’s coming! Cake has been invited to his very first birthday party.  He buys just the right outfit—including the PERFECT hat.  We have been thinking about birthday parties this week (although it seems a long time since any of us have actually been to a birthday party!).

We have continued to do our Rainbow Challenges one (or sometimes two) each day.  This week, to get all our challenge sticks we needed to:

  • write an invitation to a party
  • play some party games
  • make a party hat
  • make some straw and matchstick candles
  • use playdough to make some cakes
  • find one more candle than pieces of Numicon

Everybody in Reception did all their Rainbow Challenges AND their gold challenge!  Fabulous work!

Our special vocabulary this week were the words: pretend, slippery, striped and ticket.  We also finished learning our poem called ‘Falling Apples’.  Mrs Threlfall was so impressed with us reciting it that she put it on Twitter on Thursday for National Poetry day.   This week the Curiosity Box contained lots of different shells and stones with holes in.  We thought about how the holes might have got in the stones and what animals might have lived in the shells. 

This week the Reception children have been practising using all the sounds that we have learnt so far m, a, s, d, t, i, n, and p.  We have been trying to write them using the correct formation and have started to make cvc words with the letters.  We have been working really hard.

As well as our daily Big Maths sessions we have been continuing learning to subitise (looking at an arrangement of objects and saying straight away how many are there).  This week we have been using the Numicon to subitise.  We have also done lots and lots of counting and number recognition. 

We have been busy outside this week emptying the flower bed to make it into a sandpit.  We used the wheelbarrows to transport the soil to the garden.  A lot of children have been using the pipes and guttering in the water area this week and there has been a lot of problem solving and investigation happening.  It was great fun when Mrs Cotton got some little ducks to ride in the guttering as we had to make sure there was enough water for them to float along. 

Next week our story will be ‘Super Duper You’  by Sophy Henn.