Blog 5.10.18

This week we have been learning to cook chocolate mug cakes.  We are all able to follow the recipe and make them independently. Mrs Popay and Mrs Cotton help us cook them but we do all the rest ourselves, including the washing up!  
The children in nursery have been listening to different sounds and thinking about what makes them different.  We had been listening to sounds outside and were intrigued by the noises coming from the garage across the road.  We were lucky enough to be able to go over to the garage on another day and  we stood outside while they turned on some of their machines especially for us.  Some were loud and some were quiet.  Some made short sounds and some made long sounds, some were short and some were long sounds.
Also this week we have enjoyed exploring our new water feature outside.  Some kind parents donated some guttering and pipes and Mr Popay attached them to our fence for us.  We have had great fun pouring water into the guttering and investigating how fast the water goes.  Some of us extended the water feature by using extra pipes.
We have loved being on the scooters this week.  We had races and worked on our sense of balance.  For some of us it was tricky to turn corners but with some practise and help from our friends we mastered it.  We also used the balance snake.  Not many of us can walk along it without falling off but discovered we could use the scooter to help!
In RE was have been learning about how Christians believe that God created our wonderful world.  We went outside with the iPads to take photos of things that we thought were beautiful.  We then looked through all our photographs and chose our favourite.
In the tuff tray on Thursday we had to try and get  pom-poms out of ice. It took nearly all day for the ice to melt but it was very exciting every time a pom-pom was free!
We investigated our sense of smell and sorted out the smells into things we liked and things we didn't.  The garlic, onion and mint made our classroom smell all day!