Blog 30.4.21

Our main focus for our theme ‘Where we live’ this week has been to look at some old photographs of Embleton and compare them to what it looks like now.  It was really interesting to see how the village has changed.  We were surprised that none of the photos were in colour!

We have continued to complete the Rainbow Challenges again this week.  Our challenges were:

Writing – To write about how our school building is different form when it first opened

Playdough – Make a playdough house

Maths – Count accurately different houses and buildings

Construction – Use wooden blocks to create a building in the village

Funky Fingers – Balance marbles on towers of multilink

 This week outside we have planted some herbs.  When they have grown a bit bigger we will be able to use them in the mud kitchen.  We  now have to remember to water them as well as our strawberry plants!

As part of our RE theme ‘Special Stories’ we heard a Buddhist  story about Bhudda and the Bodhi Tree.   We heard how a Prince Siddhārtha saw an old man, a sick man and a dead man. He was very worried by what he saw and learned that sickness, age and death comes to everyone, even if you're a wealthy person.  He then saw a holy man who looked at peace, despite only having a begging bowl in his hand. Siddhārtha wanted to find out how to achieve this level of contentment and went to meditate under a Bodhi tree until he figured out the truth then people started to call him Buddha or 'Teacher'.   We also looked at some Buddhist prayer flags and some artefacts that Buddhists use.

Next week we are looking forward to going for a walk in the village to see if we can match up old photographs of buildings in the village to what they look like now.