Blog 28.5.21

This week is our last week before half term and we have been continuing to find out about the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’.  We have been exploring how Handa’s village is different to Embleton.

This week our Rainbow Challenges were linked to the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’.  All of the Reception children completed all the challenges which is fantastic.  This week our Rainbow Challenges were:

Writing – Draw and label a map of how Handa got to Akeyo’s village

Outside – Balanced beanbags on our head like Handa balanced a  basket on her head.

Funky Fingers – Thread wooden African beads onto a bracelet  

Construction – Make a Lego basket

Creative – Collage a picture of Handa’s village

Maths  - Measure in cubes how far it is from Handa’s village to Akeyo’s.


Another week when all the Reception children did all the Rainbow Challenges and the Gold Challenge too! 


To help us learn to read the red words, we have them on hands on the window and every time we walk past them, we give them a high five and say the word!  This is really helping us to remember what they say.

One of the children in Starfish class brought in some sea urchins for us to look at.  We were fascinated by them and wanted to find out more.  We looked at some books and Mrs Cotton helped us to find out some information on the internet.

One day in the playdough this week we had some flowers to use in our play.  We used our imaginations to make pizza’s, cakes, bouquets and lots more.

As part of our RE theme ‘Special Stories’ we heard a Hindu story called   ‘Rama and Sita’.  This story has an important message for Hindu’s as it tells them that good will overcome evil and light will overcome dark.  We have really enjoyed hearing lots of different stories from different religions this term.

Another busy week in Starfish class.  We are all looking forward to a rest over the holiday and are looking forward to our new theme ‘Ahoy There!’ next term.