Blog 28.1.22

This week our story for our ‘Tell me a tale’ theme was Hansel and Gretel. 

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to our story:

Writing – Write a thought bubble for one of the characters in the story

Maths – Match the numbers and objects from the story

Funky Fingers – Use tweezers to move stones.

Creative – Make a collage of a gingerbread house

Playdough – Make lolly pops

Construction – Design and build a house for the witch using wooden blocks


All the Reception children and nearly all the Nursery children completed all their challenges again this week. 


Our role play area this week was the gingerbread cottage.  It even had a pretend oven to push the witch into!  It really helped us to use the language of the story in our play. 


This week we made some circle and triangle pictures just like our artist of the month, Wassily Kandinsky.  We watched a play of Hansel and Gretel but said that we preferred a cartoon!


We thought about the sweets and biscuits that witches cottage was made from and decided that even though it would be very tasty to eat all of those things, it wouldn’t be very healthy!  We drew and labelled some pictures of healthy meals and healthy food.  This week we also thought of all the mini beasts that Hansel and Gretel might have seen in the woods.  We made some spiders webs and investigated how to make a butterfly that balanced on our fingers.


As part of our RE, Special Places, we went to Holy Trinity Church.  We found out that a church is a special place for Christians.  Revd Alison showed us all round the church and told us about some of the special things in the church.

We also learnt a poem called Mrs Bluebird.  We learnt it really quickly this week.


Next week we will be learning about Chinese New Year.