Blog 2.7.21

This week something happened that we have been waiting a long while for…….. we picked and ate some of our strawberries!  They were delicious!

This week we have been reading a non-fiction text about real pirates.  We found out about Captain Kidd, Blackbeard and some others.  We also learnt that some pirates were women.

This week our Rainbow Challenges were:

Writing – Write a fact about a real life pirate

Outside – Make a foil ship and investigate how many coins it takes to sink

Funky Fingers – Tie knots in a piece of string

Construction – Design and build a pirate ship

Creative – Make a stick pirate ship

Maths  - Use Numicon to fill the pirates hat

 Another great week with Rainbow Challenges.   Lots of Gold Challenges achieved too – Well Done Starfish!

 This week we discussed the life of a pirate.  Pirates often steal and we spoke about whether this is that the right thing to do.  We also said that pirates often spend a lot of time away from home and we thought about how we would feel if we didn’t get to go home much.  The Reception children wrote about what and who they would miss.