Blog 27.11.20

Our book this week was ‘Mrs Rainbow’ by Neil Griffiths.  The story os about who Mrs Rainbow lived a happy and colourful life in her brightly painted cottage, that is, until the District Council decided that things had to change. However, the Council hadn't bargained on the local villagers, who decided to take matters into their own hands. Then things really did start to change!


We have had rainbow related Rainbow Challenges this week!  Our challenges have been to:

  • Use rainbow writing to write the word rainbow
  • go on an I spy rainbow hunt around the village to look for things in every colour or the rainbow
  • make a rainbow scrape art picture
  • make a rainbow using beads and a pipe cleaner
  • colour in the rainbow number facts to ten
  • use coloured sticky dots to make a picture

All the Reception completed all their rainbow challenges and their gold challenge this week.  Super work Starfish!

This week we learnt a poem called ‘Who has seen the wind?’.  It has eight lines was a bit tricky as there were two lines that were very similar so we need to practise a bit more.

The Reception children have been learning the sounds th, z, ch and qu, practising writing the letters using the correct formation. We have continued to read and write cvc words and have been playing lots of games reading cvc words. The nursery children have been playing some listening games, thinking about the sounds at beginning of words and have been stamping out sounds in words.

In maths the Reception children have been continuing to investigate two numbers that add up to ten as well as practising doubles to double 5.   Nursery children have learning about things that are longer and shorter. They went outside to see if they could find leaves that were longer and shorter.

This week we found out about the Hindu festival of Holi.  We learnt that part of the celebration involves them throwing powder paint at each other.  Mrs Popay didn’t think that was a good idea in school!  Instead we sprayed coloured water at big sheets of paper.

This week we really enjoyed investigating what happened when we mixed powder paint with shaving foam!

Next week we will start our new topic Christmas!  Starfish are very excited!  Our book will be ‘Little Robin Red Vest’ by Jan Fernley.