Blog 26.3.21

This week in Starfish class it was all things Easter!

We listened to the Easter story and found out that there wasn’t actually an Easter bunny or an Easter chick in the story!  We discussed that chicks and eggs are a sign of new life and that is why we associate them with Easter.

Mrs Cotton made Easter gardens with us.  We put flowers in them to represent the Garden of Gethsemane and used a flower pot and stone for the empty tomb.  We made a cross from two twigs that we joined together with string.

We did some observational drawings of daffodils using the oil pastels.  We carefully looked at the flowers and stems and matched the colours of the pastels to the colours of the daffodils.  We did some amazing drawings!

In the tuff tray we sorted lots of different coloured eggs by picking them up with tweezers and putting them in the same colour bowls.  It was quite tricky to pick them up with the tweezers as they rolled about a lot.

Our favourite thing this week was making Easter nests!  We melted some chocolate and then mixed in some rice crispies.  It was very tempting to lick our fingers when we got chocolate on them!  We then counted two eggs into each basket.

We read the book ‘That’s not my Lion’ and lots of us remembered having books that were similar.  Outside we had an egg shape and wrote our own book ‘That’s not my egg’.  We wrote

‘That’s not my egg it’s too bumpy’

‘That’s not my egg it’s too rough’

‘That’s not my egg it’s too green’

‘That’s not my egg it’s too sandy’

‘That’s not my egg it’s too shiny’

Also outside this week we all had a ‘chick on a stick’.  We took our chicks on an adventure and then hid them for each other to find.

We are looking forward to two weeks of and are hoping that the Easter bunny will visit us and bring us lots of Easter Eggs!

This week we have been learning a poem called 'Stepping Stones'.