Blog 26.11.21

This week our story was ‘Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift’ by Rebecca Harry.  The story is about a little Snow Bunny who loves playing with her friends in the wintry forest. Every day they have adventures but one particularly cold day, no one wants to play and Snow Bunny is left all alone. She makes cosy winter gifts for all her friends, just in time for Christmas Eve.  They don’t have a gift for her but she tells them that their friendship is the greatest gift of all.

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to the book:

Writing – Write about friends

Maths – Make a repeating pattern for some Christmas lights

Funky Fingers – Make a paper snowflake

Creative – Paint a glittery picture of your friends

Playdough area – Make and decorate a Christmas tree

Outside – Collect silver coins

 Yet again, another fabulous week of challenges and gold challenges.  Well done Starfish!

 We had a new cake to bake this week.   Chocolate chips!  It proved to be very popular.  The children have been so good at counting, following the recipe and washing up afterwards.

 In maths we have been practising subitising. Subitising is when you are able to look at a group of objects and realise how many there are without counting.  We are so good at doing this with a dice!

 This week was Miss Bolam’s last week with us until she returns in March.  We have loved having her in our class for the last four weeks and we are looking forward to when she returns in March.

 Next week our book will be ‘Dear Santasaur’ by Chae Strathie and Nicola O’Byrne.