Blog 26.10.18

This week, continuing our autumn theme, we read the book Pumpkin Soup written by Helen Cooper.  Some of our challenges this week involved pumpkins.  In the construction area we had to design and construct a tower using wooden blocks that would support a pumpkin. In the writing area we needed draw and label a story map and use it to retell the story. We have been increasing our hand and eye coordination by using golf clubs to hit a golf ball into a pumpkin target and have hammered golf tees into pumpkins using a real hammer.  We used a clothes peg to hold the golf tee so that we didn't hit our fingers. 

In maths,  as well as practising our counting, we have been thinking about shape and space.  We used mirrors to investigate symmetrical shapes and used the pattern blocks to make scarecrows.  

We have also done some autumn themed yoga this week.  Some of it was quite tricky! We will need to practice our balances! 

After reading Pumpkin Soup all week we made our own pumpkin soup!  We used our senses to explore what the outside and inside of a pumpkin was like and then we carefully cut the pumpkin into pieces making a bridge with our hand so we didn’t  cut our fingers. We also made some bread to go with our soup.  It was time kneading the dough to 'wake up the yeast'!  We left the dough to prove and it was amazing how much bigger it got.  Our plan was to take our soup and bread to the beach on Friday to eat  but there was a lot of rain so we came back to school early.  Everyone tried it at lunchtime and said how good it was.  Some children in Orca class said it was ten out of ten!