Blog 25 June 2021

This week in school our story of the week has been ‘The Pirates are Coming’ by John Condon.  It tells the story of a boy called Tom who has a VERY important job; every day he climbs to the top of the hill and watches for pirate ships. He rings his bell and shouts "PIRATES!" a few too many times when there aren’t any pirate ships to be seen.   The villagers begin to get tired of hiding and everybody is in for a surprise when the pirates really do turn up.

This week our Rainbow Challenges were:

Writing – Write a speech bubble for Tom in the story

Outside – Find the hidden gold coins

Funky Fingers – Wrap tape around a telescope

Playdough – Make a playdough bell

Creative – Make a handprint pirate

Maths  - Use Numicon to fill the pirate ship

 Another great week with Rainbow Challenges.   Lots of Gold Challenges achieved too – Well Done Starfish!

 Following on from learning about floating and sinking last week we investigated  how to get some treasure from the bottom of the ‘sea’ using magnets.  We used stick magnets to rereive the treasure that had sunk to the bottom of the bottle.  

This week we have enjoyed making cheese muffins in out cooking area, taking care that we always measure and mix the ingredients carefully.  In the curiosity cube this week there has been a puffer fish!  We have loved looking at it and thinking about where it came from and what adventures that it might have had.

In class worship this week we heard the story about the little boy who gave his lunch of five loaves and two fish to Jesus.   We have been thinking about how important it is to share.

It was exciting to see that our strawberries have started to turn red this week.  We are hoping that we can eat some next week!