Blog 25.09.20

Our book for this week has been ‘Ready, Steady, Grow!’  by Sophie Piper and Georgie Birkett.   We have been thinking about all the different things we need to do to grow strong, both physically and mentally.  

We have continued to do our Rainbow Challenges one (or sometimes two) each day.  This week, to get all our challenge sticks we needed to:

  • write about what we love to do and what makes us happy
  •  jump, record our jump, jump again  to try and get better
  • sort winter and summer clothes
  • put a bandage on our knee
  •  make playdough fruit and vegetable
  • measure our hands using cubes

There was some super writing on Friday for Gold Challenges.  Well done!

Our special vocabulary this week were the words: pretend, amazing, race and rescue.  We also learnt to recite a new poem called ‘Falling Apples’.  It was a trickier poem this week so we are going to continue to learn it next week.   The Curiosity Box contained ladybirds of all sorts of sizes in amongst some sea glass.  There was a lot of discussion about how many ladybirds were in the box and if they were really all ladies!  We made some self-portraits using different materials, we cut wool to use as hair and used paper straws and paper for eyebrows.  Mrs Cotton has put them on the wall – they look fabulous.

The Nursery children have been listening very carefully this week.  They have been on listening walks and played a game on the computer where they had to guess what the sound was.  The Reception children have been learning the sounds t,i,n and p.  They have been working really hard at writing them using the correct formation.   We have also been trying really hard to write our names using the correct formation too.

The water area was popular, as always, this week with lots of team work and problem solving going on.    In the tuff tray this week we have been drawing mini portraits, using stamper pens to make patterns, making homes for animals and investigating padlocks and keys.    On Thursday we started Helicopter Stories again, we had some fantastic stories about Goldilocks, a sea rescue and a shark.  There was some great acting of the stories.

As well as our daily Big Maths sessions we have been learning to subitise, which means to look at an arrangement of dots or objects and say straight away how many there are without counting.  We have been playing a game ‘Shut your eyes and subitise’.  We are really good at subitising the spots on a dice.

Next week our story will be ‘Cake’  by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.