Blog 23.4.21

We have continued our theme ‘Where we live’ this week.  We have loved playing with the models of our own houses and telling each other about them.  We have also used photographs of our houses to do some writing.  The Reception children thought really carefully about the sounds in the words that they were writing and remembered full stops at the end.   The Nursery children did some mark making and were able to tell an adult what their mark making said. This week we  have all loved playing in our role play ‘Londis’.  We have been using real money to ‘buy’ things and are getting really good at recognising 1p, 2p, 5p, and 10p coins.

We have started completing Rainbow Challenges again this week.  Nearly all the Reception children have completed  them all.  Our challenges were:

Writing – To write about our house

Playdough – Make a playdough road and add some vehicles

Outdoor – Make a stop and go sign and use it outside to control the scooters

Maths – Use the pattern blocks to make a house

Construction – Use wooden blocks to create building in the village

Funky Fingers – Thread pipe cleaners in and out of an airflow ball

In the mud kitchen this week we have been using other resources as well as mud.  We have had some pasta, tea bags and petals from flowers.  We have created some amazing concoctions!  Also outside we have planted some strawberry plants in our new planter that Mr Cotton has made for us.  We have been busy watering them and can’t wait until we get some yummy strawberries growing!  As we have had some lovely sunny days this week and we have all been outside lots.  We had the stilts and the balancing  beam out on the playground so we were able to practise our balancing.  It was much easier when we put our arms out.

This week we have been making chocolate chip cakes in our independent cooking area.  All the children that have made a cake this week have done so without any adult help.  We need to make sure that we count out the spoonfulls of ingredients carefully so we end up with a tasty cake.

As part of our RE theme ‘Special Stories’ we heard a Christian story, the story of Noah’s Ark.  We  found out how God told a man called Noah to build a big boat called an ark and put two of every animal inside.  We found lots of pairs of animals in our zoo and farm to help us tell the story.

Also as part of our theme we thought about our place in the world.  We started with us in the middle and worked our way out:  Starfish Class, Embleton School, Embleton, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom,  Europe, The World.  We looked at maps to help us.