Blog 23.11.18

Another exciting week in Starfish Class! 
We are getting really good at  'Dough Disco'  which strengthens the muscles in our hands.  We can push, poke, roll and squash the playdough in lots of different ways to music. We have also been using these muscles in our Funky Fingers area by balancing pom-poms on golf tees.
In maths this week, the nursery children have been doing some careful counting and the reception children have been finding different ways to make five.
We have also been continuing our transport theme by making shape pictures, using the wooden building blocks and finishing our vehicle models.
On Tuesday we had an exciting visit to the lifeboat station at Craster.  We got there by getting on the public bus, which was really fun!   While we were waiting at the bus stop we sang lots of verses to 'The Wheels on the Bus'.  At the lifeboat station we all got to sit in the tractor that pulls the lifeboat to the sea and then we all got to climb in the actual lifeboat!  Some of us got to try on the special helmet.  Before we got the bus back we had juice and biscuit!  
On Thursday we got out all of the multilink cubes and joined them all together!  We made a long snake, it was as long as our classroom! 
We  also enjoyed investigating what happened when we mixed shaving foam and paint in the tuff tray.  We found out that it was smooth, cold and felt like yoghurt! We ended up with very messy hands!
The birds that visit Holy Trinity church yard won't go hungry this week as we took our bird feeders that we made last week to hang up in some trees.
We ended the week with another great day at beach school.