Blog 21/5/21

This week we were really pleased to finally be able to go for a walk around Embleton with the old photographs so that we could compare what places used to look like and what they look like now. When we went to the quarry, there was a lot of grass which wasn’t in the picture and we could see the remains of the house.  The Blue Bell Inn hadn’t changed very much but the shop and the garage were very different.  We noticed that there are now lots of cars all over the village but none in the old photographs, only outside the garage.

This week we have been reading the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’.  Handa is a little girl who lives in a village in Kenya.  Lots of us live in a village but ours is very different to Handa’s.  We thought about the differences in our village to Handa’s.

This week our Rainbow Challenges were linked to the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’.  All of the Reception children completed all the challenges which is fantastic.  This week our Rainbow Challenges were:

Writing – Write about a picture from the story

Outside – Move like the animals that took the fruit from Handa’s basket

Funky Fingers – Balance some tangerines in a tower

Playdough – Make and write  labels for some of the fruits Handa put in her basket

Creative – Retell the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise’ using the puppets or masks

Maths  - Find out which of Handa’s fruit is the heaviest.


Not only did all the Reception children manage to do the Rainbow Challenges, they all completed the Gold Challenge too!  Well done Reception!  Mrs Popay and Mrs Cotton are really pleased with you.


We are getting really good at our new poem ‘There’s an ocean in this seashell’.  Next week we are going to perform it on the beach at beach school.

There has been lots of investigating happening in the water area this week.  Some children were finding out what was the best way to make water travel through the hose and some children were exploring how to make a dam to stop the water running into the drain.

In maths the Reception children have been doing some work on subtraction and the nursery children have been matching objects to amounts and to Numicon. 

We have really enjoyed the story  ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and have had lots of fun playing with the items in the story sack.  We have been retelling the story and trying to balance the fruit on our heads in the basket!  We even got to taste some of the fruit that Handa put in her basket.  The pineapple was our favourite and the avocado was our least favourite.

Miss Thompson gave us some bubble wrap this week.  It was such fun popping it with our fingers (Mrs Popay says that this helps build up the muscles in our fingers that will help us with our writing) but it was even more fun putting it on the floor and jumping on it to pop the bubbles!

As part of our RE theme ‘Special Stories’ we heard a story from Sikhism called   ‘The Milk and the Jasmine Flower’.  This story has an important message for Sikhs as Guru Nanak told people there will always be room in the world for more goodness.    We thought about how we could be kind at home, at school and when we meet someone new.  We looked some pictures of jasmine flowers and then carefully drew some.

Another busy week in Starfish class!