Blog 21.1.22

This week we began our our new theme ‘Tell me a tale’.  We heard one of our favourite stories ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.  We read lots of different versions and told our own.

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to our story:

Writing – Write a speech bubble for one of the characters in the story

Maths – Sort the bears into big, medium and small

Funky Fingers – Feed baby bear some porridge.

Creative – Make some bears using cardboard cubes

Construction – Make beds for the three bears

Cooking – Help to make some very berry oat muffins


All the Reception children and nearly all the Nursery children completed all their challenges again this week. 


Our role play area this week was the three bear’s cottage.  We loved making porridge and putting the bears to bed.  It really helped us to use the language of the story in our play.   We discussed real porreidge adn the different flavours of porridge.  We spoke about flavours that we liked and what we like to put on our porridge at home. At school we tried porridge with jam. syrup, fruit, chocolate, fruit, cinnamon and raisins. We then decided which was our favourite and recorded it on a block graph. The most popular was chocolate but nobody said cinnamon or syrup was their favourite.   We also had some porridge oats in the tuff tray which we mixed with water - it was really good fun!


This week we listened to Wagners ‘Lohengrin’ and drew how the music made us feel.  We learnt that Wassily Kandinsky, our artist of the month, used to love to paint to music and he painted to the same piece of music that we did.  We also watched a cbeebies ballet of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We thought that it very different to watching a cartoon or watching people acting.


We thought about how the chairs and the beds felt to Goldilocks.  We discussed hard and soft are like.  We then collected lots of things in our class room and sorted them into hard and soft objects.  The Reception children made lists of hard and soft objects.


As well as activities linked to the story this week, we have been busy as usual with our phonics and listening skills.  Reception children have been continuing with their Read, Write, Inc. sounds and the nursery children have continued to think about the sounds that they can hear at the beginning of words.  In maths the Nursery children have been learning about the names of shapes and counting the sides and Reception have been learning about one more and one less.


Next week we will be listening to the story of Hansel and Gretel.